Art + Fashion + Motion

I have started working on a small project with Charlie Shuck who is a terrific photographer based on Capitol Hill.  I’m almost finished with the first piece that begins a collaboration with Charlie, he’s got some good ideas for both commercial and experimental pieces. And, he has a great eye.

Also at this same time, I am working with Paurl Walsh and Ezra Dickinson on an installation piece, of sorts.  It’s called Actually Really and it will be at the NW Film Forum on March 17 – 19.   I am working on behalf of SoSpunWeSpunWest to create the video portion of their sound + dance piece.  These three elements will exist independently of each other, but also connected in various ways.  It is a fulfilling project to work on – Paurl is creating sounds that will be manipulated by these fancy French sensors attached to Ezra’s body.  The projected video will (hopefully) be the only light source, so that Ezra and the video are one image, from the audiences perspective.