Anne-Simone  got in touch with me on Feb 5 to inquire about making another music video for a new song of hers, to be released on Valentines Day. It was a new song that hadn’t even been recorded yet. She was planning to record with the master, Steve Fisk. So, I said OK!  We scheduled a shooting session for Tuesday Feb 10, and we had a rough song mix to shoot with.  While we were shooting, guitar tracks were being added to the song. I received 2 more song updates while I was editing the video, and they kept getting fuller and funkier. I completed the editing on February 13. A pretty amazing feat – from concept to full mastered song and video within a week and a half! It was like a 72-hr film challenge for me, and it was fun. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Mr. Jeff Gardiner.