Manifest Destiny’s Child

Last year I made some short videos with my nephew, Spencer. I cropped the footage so it seemed there were multiple Spencers in the same shot. Sometime later, I approached Ezra Dickinson about making a music video for a Corespondents song.  I showed him these videos of my nephew and Ezra really wanted to do something similar. Ezra found that the idea would fit very well into this piece he was making for his mother. He was right.


Manifest Destiny’s Child from Corespondents on Vimeo.


Everyone in this video is Ezra Dickinson*
Music by Corespondents from the album “Land of the Low People” available at (or at a live show!)
Video by Doug Arney and Ezra Dickinson

This video was created to be a part of Ezra Dickinson’s piece “Mother For You I Made This”, which is is aimed at activating a conversation about the failed mental health care system in America through memories of Dickinson’s childhood as he lived with and unknowingly cared for his schizophrenic mother.

*except one. Can you spot the one? (and it’s not the masked one at the end, that is also Ezra Dickinson)


Spencers tree from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.