Video Work Samples:

Origins – Roger Espinoza, Major League Soccer

Working again with Ethan Steinman of Daltonic Films, this video began in October with Ethan following Roger Espinoza to Honduras, and completed after he caught up with him again at his home in Kansas City. It was a challenge, but I am proud to have whittled down so much good footage and information to an acceptable length. Having Adrienne Von Wolfensdorff assist with editing helped immensely.
The video is released via Fox Sports, and will also be featured on and

Corespondents music video

I’ve heard there are more building cranes in Seattle than in Dubai. The landscape of Seattle has changed dramatically in the last few years, and most of the push seems to come from corporate white men from mega companies with the mentality that everything & anything can be bought.
As a member of Corespondents (which is also comprised of white men) I decided at least to make this video is about the disappearing youth culture…

I feel extremely lucky to have found an amazing team to work on it, and I am quite proud of what we made.

(All Up In My) Drug Rug from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Major League Soccer

Another satisfying job working with Ethan Steinman for Daltonic Films and Major League Soccer. The idea was to shed more light on the referees, who seem to be despised or ignored.
The main challenge on this was cutting down over 2TB of footage to just over 11 minutes.
I am proud of the outcome and look forward to any future work with Ethan.

Ever wondered what it's like to be a referee? Daltonic Films and Major League Soccer (MLS) offer an in-depth look at one of the most difficult jobs in sports.

Posted by FOX Soccer on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Budget Matters 2014

An informative/promotional piece for the Washington State Budget and Policy Center’s annual conference. The 6-hour conference had numerous speakers as well as sessions happening simultaneously – a lot of information to get across in 3 minutes!



Anne-Simone  got in touch with me on Feb 5 to inquire about making another music video for a new song of hers, to be released on Valentines Day. It was a new song that hadn’t even been recorded yet. She was planning to record with the master, Steve Fisk. So, I said OK!  We scheduled a shooting session for Tuesday Feb 10, and we had a rough song mix to shoot with.  While we were shooting, guitar tracks were being added to the song. I received 2 more song updates while I was editing the video, and they kept getting fuller and funkier. I completed the editing on February 13. A pretty amazing feat – from concept to full mastered song and video within a week and a half! It was like a 72-hr film challenge for me, and it was fun. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Mr. Jeff Gardiner.


MLS – Adidas

Ethan Steinman of Daltonic Films contacted me about editing a few pieces for the new MLS match ball.  I was very excited & a bit anxious for the project, since I have had no soccer video experience.  But, working with Ethan was terrific, and I would do something like this again anytime. The process did make me nostalgic for playing soccer as a kid, and I am very thankful for the experience.

Nativo from Ethan Steinman on Vimeo.

Nativo “Interaction” from Ethan Steinman on Vimeo.

Nativo “Technology” from Ethan Steinman on Vimeo.

Nativo “Design” from Ethan Steinman on Vimeo.


Anne-Simone got in touch with me after seeing the “Manifest Destiny’s Child” video. She was incredible to work with; very supportive and flexible to a guy who’s a bit out of his element in creating pop music videos. It was also a first time for me using 4k footage, which slowed the editing time considerably because of the amount of layering. But, in the end, I think we got somewhat close to her original idea…

And, thank you to Jeff Gardiner, Devin Ensz, Sarah Fish, Jennifer Popochock, Precious Butiu, LeftJet Studios, & CJ Chapman for lending his motherboard collection.

Digitize Me – Anne-Simone from Kinetic Songs on Vimeo.

Colt Kraft

“High School”

Colt Kraft – High School from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Nu Klezmer Army

“Beckerman’s Honga”
An extremely talented group to work with, Nu Klezmer Army and I worked our ideas together to create a unique and satisfying video.

Nu Klezmer Army – Beckermans Honga from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Washington Hall

I was commissioned through Historic Seattle along with Voices Rising, Hidmo & 206Zulu to finish this piece for Washington Hall. There was limited amount of content to work with and a lot of information to get across, but Storme Weber guided me through the importances of what needed to be in the video. She was a thrill to work with and I enjoyed working for this cause.

Washington Hall from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Manifest Destiny’s Child

Last year I made some short videos with my nephew, Spencer. I cropped the footage so it seemed there were multiple Spencers in the same shot. Sometime later, I approached Ezra Dickinson about making a music video for a Corespondents song.  I showed him these videos of my nephew and Ezra really wanted to do something similar. Ezra found that the idea would fit very well into this piece he was making for his mother. He was right.


Manifest Destiny’s Child from Corespondents on Vimeo.


Everyone in this video is Ezra Dickinson*
Music by Corespondents from the album “Land of the Low People” available at (or at a live show!)
Video by Doug Arney and Ezra Dickinson

This video was created to be a part of Ezra Dickinson’s piece “Mother For You I Made This”, which is is aimed at activating a conversation about the failed mental health care system in America through memories of Dickinson’s childhood as he lived with and unknowingly cared for his schizophrenic mother.

*except one. Can you spot the one? (and it’s not the masked one at the end, that is also Ezra Dickinson)


Spencers tree from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Sound of Sano

This is a promotional tool for Corespondents’ new album, “Land of the Low People”, disguised as an amp commercial.

An idea by Corespondents and CJ Chapman.
Shot and edited by yours truly.

Hot for the Sound of Sano from Corespondents on Vimeo.

A Meeting

Benjamin Maestas commissioned me to make this video for his grant proposal, which is for a dance performance (with him and Ezra Dickinson) in Nord Alley in Pioneer Square, exploring the relationship between architecture and movement.

A Meeting from Douglas Arney on Vimeo.

Orkestar Zirconium

“Solo Tapan”
live at the Sunset Tavern, October 12 2012.

cameras by Carlton Lonergan, Doug Arney
edited by Doug Arney

Fast Arrow

“Ranks of Love” by Fast Arrow.

Directed, shot, edited by Doug Arney (with help from a talented crew of artists!)

FAST ARROW – Ranks of Love from workypants on Vimeo.

The Diminished Men

“Dutch Treat”
Live at the Sunset Tavern, October 12 2012.

cameras by Jeff Gardiner, Carlton Lonergan and Doug Arney
edited by Doug Arney

iPad/iTouch Application video

This is a promo video made for iSheetMusic – an application for the iPad/iTouch.   Photographer, Charlie Schuck, and I created this piece with direction from iSheetMusic.

The music was supplied by iSheetMusic as well.

Actually Really

This is a portion of video from Actually Really, a sound/video/dance performance piece that played at the North West Film Forum.  This sample played at the beginning, before the performance began.  The rest of the piece did not look like this at all…

Mike Dumovich

Mike Dumovich‘s song “Which Shirt” from his album The Shiv.

Additional camera and edited footage by Malaki Stahl.

Another Curious Mystery…

The Curious Mystery

“Night Ride Reeling”

K Records

Short documentary made for Seattle’s Thee Emergency.  Shot by John Jeffcoat.  This is one of the “Amplified” companion pieces to Lynn Shelton’s $5 Cover: Seattle made for


Oars music video

Music video made for the NYC band, Oars.

Hollow Earth Radio

I created a video for Hollow Earth Radio to promote their Kickstarter project.  They raised money to move the radio into a new public space.


The Curious Mystery

A lovely party.

The video for the song “Black Sand” by The Curious Mystery.

Corespondents found-footage music video

Corespondents music video for the song, “Confessor” from the album Hairy Ghost Pipefish.

Memorial video

This was made for the Center for Health Training as a celebration of Joan Helmich’s life and work.

I had the good fortune to meet and work with Joan a couple of years ago during another video I created for the Center for Health Training.

Desmond Tutu/South Africa – Semester At Sea

This is a sample from one of the 2-hour Semester At Sea documentary’s I have been lucky enough to be a part of.  I co-produced this with Sony Stark, who was extremely great to work with.